As an artist I have an opportunity to share with others what God has given me to enjoy. I want the viewer to experience various levels of light and dark and to understand that it is the darks of life that make the light of life so bright. I hope that they will recognize that in all light or darkness there is One who is in control,. just as the artist controls the placement of lights and darks in a painting. I have been interested in the seas, bays, rivers and the vessels that sail on them since I was a young boy. As an artist, I am challenged, to express the motion of vessels under sail moving through the water.. I would describe my work as representational. I am not interested in a realism that requires the inclusion of every detail. I want the viewer to feel the motion and see with their imagination more detail than is really present. Realizing the limitation of working on a two dimensional surface, I want color and action to excite the viewer’s imagination to feel that he or she is aboard the ship or work boat.